Use Google to get Serial No of any Software

Most of the people downloading trial and using it, only after the expiration of trial they try for crack, Serial No, Keygen, Patch....

But many don't known where to get Serial No, Some websites may be infect your system with Trojan horse, Viruses, Ad ware, Spy ware....

So for beginners this is a simply way to find hack with less effort and it saves time to, But make sure you have anti virus activated before trying to get some Serials, Patches to avoid data loss

Just follow the steps as instructed below

1) Go to
2) type this syntax in search bar " 94FBR"
3) Replace Product name with desired software and leave a space then type 94FBR
4) Press enter, thats it

Now you receive Many pages which contains Serial no, Crack, Patches....

Just make a try, this simple trick works for many people

Hack Passwords in Firefox

Whenever you log in to a website using your username and password, you'll be prompted by Firefox whether you'd like Firefox to remember this password.

If you click on Remember, the next time you visit the website, it'll automatically enter the username and password for your convenience.

Now, back to the topic. Let's say you saved your GMail password in Firefox. After months or years gone by and you don't remember the password you set for my GMail. You started to panic and desperately need to get back your GMail password.

Don't worry, here's how you can find the hidden GMail password in Firefox.

Firefox is much better than Internet Explorer in terms of managing "remembered" logins. In Internet Explorer, there is no built-in feature where you can manage or view your saved login information. That's why you need third party tools to reveal the passwords hidden under asterisks. As for Firefox, you can access remembered passwords with a few clicks.

To view your remembered passwords in Firefox browser, go to Tools, and click on Options. Go to Security tab and click on the Show Passwords button. A remember password dialog box will appear. Click on the Show Passwords button again and a new column with password will appear.

Change Windows XP Password

1.)Just restart your computer n open it in SAFE mode, by pressing F8 key!

2.)There u see another account called ADMINISTRATOR

3.) Acess into that A/c

4.) If it too ask for the password type 'ADMIN' or 'admin' in it

5.) Go to the Control Panel

6.) Then To User A/c

7.) There u see your A/c name go to it , remove the password !

8.) Restrt your computer again

9.) Now u will be able to Acess your A/c

Make Windows XP Shutdown Faster than ever

You can make your shut down process a bit faster by the following tweak.


download this file

1. This step is very important.
Export (right click > Export) the following keys and save it to a safer place.

HKEY CURRENT USER\Control Panel\Desktop

2. Open Notepad, copy and paste the following to the Notepad.

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Control Panel\Desktop]


3. Save the file and close Notepad.

4. Change extension of the file from .txt (text file) to .reg (registry file).

5. Double click open this file and click Yes and the OK

How to crack your yahoo mail...

This is a simple way to know your friend yahoo mail password.
1) download this software.
2) put mail's victim.
3) choose type of email
4) press crack password
5) your password will appear.

download this link

dotA(defence of the ancien) hacked map.

Just download this map and then paste at c:/programfiles/warcraft/map/download adn tan when you want to play just follow the step.
Good Luck!! : )

Here some cheat:
-sky(activates cheats)
-gold #
-lumber #
-int #
-agi #
-str #
-lvl #
-xp #
-hp #
-mp #
-ms #
-mana (Mana stays at 100%)
-invis (makes unit invisible)
-vis (visible)
-pathoff (walkthrough walls)
-pathon (normal)
-nocd (no cooldown)
-cdon (cooldown on)
-hear (You can see what everyone is saying)
-copy #
-nohear (back to normal)
-setcolor (red/blue/teal/purple/yellow/orange/green/pink/gray/lb/dg/brown)
-setname #
make sure u look carefully that activates cheats



My Bez Friendz....

Antara kawan yang aku paling rapat skali ialah Ridhwan a.k.a. mialjackPhotobucket, firdaus (KL) a.k.a. baxze Photobucket, dan Hariz a.k.a. gigzPhotobucket. Kami mempunyai minat yang sama iatu game. Antara game yang kitaorang minat ialah jin online, Defence of the Aciance dotA, CS, Travian, NFS, dll. Tapi kawan2 aku selalu marah coz aku sentiasa main hacked. Yelah aku x pandai main dotA, dah nak menang aku main cara ni huhuhuhuu..... jahat x aku??


money Pictures, Images and Photos

Kadang2 aku terfikir apa kerja kita jika besar nanti? Apa result pekse kita? Kan bez kalau ada mesin merentas masa. Kita boleh tau apa akan kuar dalam pekse SPM nanti. Di negara jepun, amerika, korea, dan negara maju lain kalau kita main-main dalam pelajaran pun boleh berjaya. Bill Gates x silap aku pernah ' hack ' komputer sekolah dia tp ditangkap oleh gurunya. ( Khabar Angin) tetapi ketika dia besar dia menjadi orang yang paling kaya di dunia. Kawan-kawan aku pada mulanya main-main mase ting 1,2, dan 3 tp time mase form 4 sumenye tibe2 dah jadi rajin dan best student. Antara kawan yang aku sebut tu ialah Kodin, Syafiq, dll. Aku kadang2 dah malas nak study, y mcm 2 aku x tau! Mungkin aku dibesarkan dalam keluarga yang ' beri apa saje apa yang aku minta' aku pun tak tau?