Story and Tips for UTP Educamp

Hello, ok kali ni aku nak buat entry 99% in English, bkn ap, in UTP bahasa pengantar dia adalah english n mse interview dia fully English.

I just came back from my UTP educamp 2011-wenesday(different from EduQuest Camp). Here is my experience today and i would like to share with all of you. The area around UTP was desperately pretty. I'm very surprised and amazed with the UTP campus when i first entered it. There is even security guard with signboard shows the direction to the councellor hall. Its super duper big! haha.

Anyway, when you reach your destination, you will line up to get a piece of coloured paper. Do not attempt to lost that paper! Dont think its just an advertisement to educamp(although i lookslike one xD). Then you will get a tag, I got A61(means that you in group A and the finalist if sixty-one). Write your name on that colour paper and put it inside the tag.

Ok not to forget, try to dress as smart as you can...
Just like this guy...
LOL..!! Thats me... ha5...

Inside the hall and there was a few lectures and briefting about UTP. Here, you can get alot of information. Here the lecturer explain about one of the course that have in UTP. I choose Foundation in Electric n Electronic for my 1st choise the 2nd n 3rd is Chemical Engineering n GeoScience. Lecturer also explain about the private student. Private student means u have to pay everything by your own. You can apply for ptptn loan or else. Moreover, if you study in UTP, your yearly expenses(including foods, drinks and the cost you applied) would roughly cost 20k. And ohya, Educamp 2011 last for only one day, not 2. The UTP Educamp is just for admission into UTP. This is to because there are very limited place for May intake(foundation only 800 people)

After the briefting, all students are required to go to Block B. Bus will be provided. Parents are welcome to go to the mosque. Its very near to Block B. But if your parents came by own car, then its advisable to drive the car to block B cause after the interview, you can go back home ^_^

When you enter Block B, you will be directed to your room, according to your group alphabet. I got A , group A,B and C have earlier interview ^_^. Then D and E will have to wait until after the lunch time. Anyway, after waiting in a room, you all will be redirect into another room. In this room, there is alot of tables with 20++ panel number. You can sit in ANY table, but one table occupies 5 people. And this 5 people will be the ones that will be your group during the interview. Then we all are given a paper, so called study case. Its like a piece of paper. The topic was about criminal wave. But note, every people in your group/table will have a different question/recommendation(indirectly, it means ways to solve criminal mines)

There will be 2 sessions of interview. 1st, personal interview, 2nd, group discussion. In the personal interview, there will be 2 interviewer and you will be sitting alone. Dont worry much, they are very friendly ^_^ They just ask me a question.... Thx god..
Please describe about yourself. (so here my answer)

My name is Amirul Afiq Bin Kamal Kurshid, I live in Kemaman, Terengganu and scholed at SMKC also known as Te.P.C.E.S. I am from a simple family. My father is a Lab. Assistant and my mother is a full time housewife. As my dad is a Lab. Assistant, I was exposed to Chemistry and Physics subjects since I was 3 years old. At this age I conducted a simple experiment with my dad to show different metal in group 1 which showed their different reactivity towards water. When I was 4 years old, my engineering skill became more apparent when my father offered me to join “How To Build A Rocket” camp that was organized at his workplace and most of the participants were high school student. After my father realized my ability, he bought me a miniature transformer. I really love to make an experiment by using the transformer on my remote control car and I was satisfied when I made it move with any batteries. Last but not least, I am sure the University Technology Petronas can educate me to become an engineer as my ambition is to become one. (actually it contain more than this, but I only can remember this)

So after the personal interview, one by one enter the panel room, then its group discussion time. Everyone will be sitting in a hemisphere shape and the interviewer will sit infront and we discuss among ourselves on how to overcome traffic congestion. Then, finally, we have to make up our mind and agree with one great solution on how to overcome this situation ^_^....Then finish! I was in Group A, so i finish the whole interview around 12-1 p.m..

Oh... Almost forgot, the mosque extreamly beautiful n can make every people say, HOOOAAHH!!

Good luck to those who will be taking the Educamp no matter tmrw and also day after tomorrow! or next year. Dont be nervous. Just consider that you just attend for a prefect meeting, but this time, you have to talk more! haha. Love to talk more and you will stand a higher chance to gain admission into UTP! btw, the selection criteria to be a UTP student is quite high, therefore, this interview is done =D....For those who have not been to JPA interview, try look up around the forum here and read other people's experience. All the best folks!

PM: sorry if there is any grammar mistakes and some left out points. Jgn lupa doakan kejayaan aku agar dapat belajar sana eh!!! U idaman aku sejak F3 tu....

Ohya, forget to mention one more thing. You do not need to bring any documents. Not even any salinan! remember that time when u pay RM20 through CIMB and send all the salinan to them by post already? so you do not need to bring anything else. They didnt even check our original certificates. The reason is because they say, they dont have time to check through. But just bring your ori documents, just in case, as backup plan.

Alasan Mahasiswa Yang Kantoi Exam

Jika kita lihat dari kiraan hari ini, sebenarnya bukan salah mahasiswa/i bila dia tidak lulus ujian,
Sebab bagaimana nak lulus, nak belajar pun dia tidak sempat…
Tahukah anda, setahun itu hanya terdapat 365 hari yang kita tahu sebagai tahun akademik … Mari kita kira!

Hari Minggu
52 hari dalam setahun. Anda pasti tahu bahawa hari minggu itu adalah hari istirehat. Baki tinggal 313 hari.

Hari Cuti Umum
Lebih kurang terdapat 30 hari cuti umum dalam setahun, misalnya tahun baru, hari raya, dsb… Baki tinggal 283 hari.

Cuti Semester
Semua pelajar akan bercuti dan tidak akan ada kuliah. Biasanya lebih kurang 2 bulan lebih, anggaplah lebih kurang 60 hari.

Baki tinggal 223.
Tidur yang paling baik adalah 8 jam sehari untuk kesihatan, jadi 120 hari digunakan untuk tidur. Baki tinggal 103 hari.

Paling tidak setengah jam sehari kita beribadah, kita anggarkan 8 hari dalam setahun. Baki tinggal 95 hari.

Hal yang paling baik untuk kesegaran dan kesihatan adalah bermain. Paling tidak memerlukan 1 jam sehari. Digunakan lagi 15 hari. Baki hari tinggal 80.

Makan :
Sekurang-kurangnya selama satu hari kita habiskan sejam untuk makan atau minum,hilang lagi 15 hari. Baki tinggal 65 hari.

Jangan lupakan, bahawa manusia adalah makhluk sosial yang memerlukan berinteraksi dengan orang lain. Kita ambil 1 jam sehari untuk berbual. 15 hari terpakai lagi. Baki tinggal 50 hari.

Manusia memang kadangkala sakit, tak kira teruk atau pun tak. Paling tidak 5 hari dalam setahun dikira. Baki tinggal 45 hari.

Exam itu sendiri biasanya dilakukan selama 2 minggu persemester. Bererti, 24 hari sudah dikhaskan untuk exam.
Baki tinggal 21 hari.

Untuk menyegarkan fikiran, refreshing itu perlu. Tgk wayang dan jalan-jalan paling tidak dihabiskan 5 hari dalam setahun. Baki tinggal 16 hari.

Surfing Internet
Zaman sekarang ni mesti layan internet untuk mengetahui perkembangan isu semasa atau layan facebook atau paling tidak pun layan page gmbar2 lwk dan video gempak . Kira paling sedikit masa pun purata sejam sehari, kita memerlukan 15 hari setahun.
Jadi baki tinggal 1 hari.
Satu hari yang tinggal tu kan HARI JADI….!!! Mana boleh belajar!

25 Senarai Perempuan Murahan Malaya

2. Kau pintal-pintal rambut kat public dengan lidah terjelir-jelir..kau nak jadi pornstar eh?

3. Snap gambar dari atas, buat duck face & kau upload kat Facebook..geli doh tengok..kalau 1 album nama kau, dalam tu semua muka itik kau. Muka penuh depan kamera..semuat-muat frame..bodoh

4. Kau rasa comel bila kau type message 'ewww..jum lepak..busyan lorh...umah tadew orang..pakwe gie maen futsal pulark..busyan busyan! T__T' macam shit kau tahu tak

5. Kau kerek bila kau makan kat fastfood ngan member-member kau..kau snap gamba sana-sini macam tempat tu tak de orang..annoying taek!

6. Kau pakai baju nampak lurah tetek kau pegi jalan-jalan kat bandar..kau seronok lah abang misai pandang pastu tulis kat facebook 'nyampah nyew adew abang misai usya-usya kitew..tark syukew tark syukew larh' Perosak bahasa sial.

7. Annoying doh tengok kau peluk laki or balak kau dekat public or shopping complex..kalau sangap sangat g rumah tumpangan RM30/nett

8. Kau pakai tudung tapi kau pakai jeans yang abang misai dari jauh boleh nampak shape bontot kau yang jatuh tu..lagi-lagi kalau lepas duduk, terselit 'celapong' (celah ponggong a.k.a pungkoq)

9. Macam shit bila kau tulis kat facebook yang kau tengah tension, tengah sakit perut, tengah happy..weh..asal time berak kau tak tulis sekali 'kitew tengah berak..syuke syuke ^__^'

10. Kau saje ubah-ubah relationship status kat facebook..kononnye kau ni macam best kejap Single, kejap in relation, kejap open..asal kau tak bubuh 'I am Lesbian'

11. Nyampah tahu tak kalau kau tak reti bawak barang shopping sendiri..padahal 2 3 plastik je..tu pun nak suruh balak kau..balak kau nyampah ok..bukan suka pun

12. Sikit-sikit kau ngadu kat member-member kau yang kau ada stalker kat kelas, kat office..konon kau tak tahu nak buat ape..ape doh perangai kau

13. Kau bisik-bisik ngan member kau yang duduk semeja..padahal dekat meja tu tengah lepak 4 5 orang

15. Bila kau lepak ngan member yang hot stuff, hensem-hensem, kool, kau tak pulak nak tegur member kau yang pakai tudung serabai plus muka berminyak 'she's not my friends..please lah'

16. Kau tenung-tenung mamat yang cam kool supaya mamat cam kool tu perasan kewujudan kau sambil buat muka tahi

17. Kau order makanan itu ini sebab gambar dekat menu cantik..tapi bila makan 3 4 sudu kau cakap tak sedap..lepas tu tak habis..lepas tu ngadu lapar..g makan kat tempat lain pulak..nak terajang muka kau siot

18. Kau tak pandai buat tu, buat ni..tanak pegang tu, pegang ni..alasan kau kotor, jijik..habis sapa yang nak buat kan?

19. Pakai tudung, baju kurung, manis..dalam wayang, dalam kereta, huih....bukan main sandar-sandar, peluk-peluk, ramas-ramas..baik tak payah pakai tu semua..selalu nampak kat highway

20. Kau cerewet..kena buat semua benda macam kau nak..kalau tak sama macam kau nak, kau angin, kau merajuk, kau marah..cuba kalau kau buat kerja yang orang cerewet macam kau..muncung je mulut kau

21. Kau merajuk ngan mak kau, kau merajuk ngan bapak kau, pakwe pun buat taek ngan kau..kau ngamok, marah, benci & merajuk..last-last kau decide kau bunuh diri..terjun dr bumbung Pavi..tapi tak mati pun..silap-silap kena buang keluarga..lagi shit hidup kau

22. Lepak ngan sekutu gediks kau ketawa kuat kuat, buat onar..masing masing dressed up fancy nak mampos. Skali awek pakai tudung litup melintas korang pakat usya atas bawah atas bawah ramai2. pandangan jijik like 'eww she dont have style..yucks' emang gud gud la kau

23. Mekap tebal ala ala mak ayam..atas mata tu dah macam pelangi..tambah plak bulu mata palsu..klip pah kip pah mata tu dah macam berus cat..kelopak mata tak larat nak sial.. satu level ngan bapok belakang lorong haji taib..

24. Pakai baju sikit lagi nak 6pak puting..lengan himpit tetek bagi terkepit..konon nak bagi nampak lurah lebih menonjol pastuh snap gamba dari atas supaya nampak yg dalam baju tu... buat pulak muka bersyahwat sambil lidah terkeluar.. what the hell..saje menambah bilangan owang laki masuk narakka jahanam

25. Kau buat facebook ni macam medan memperagakan diri..kau upload beribu ribu gamba muka kau je sampai 10 album.. bila ade org puji kau jawab 'ala shayer tark syomel pown..beshe beshe jew' nyampah siot

Org cakap dunia dah akhir zaman, lelaki pun lebih kurang jer samanyer...
Aku harap pada yang dah 'terlebih' tu, bertaubatlah sementara masih diizinkan-Nya