24-25/MAC adalah tarikh yg bakal berlangsungnya Twin Tower Live@2012 dimana artis seperti Orianthi, Nicole Scherzinger, Kelis dan tidak ketinggalan, Girls' Generatin@SNSD. Konsert ini akan berlangsung di PETRONAS Twin Tower. 

Sebelum ini,  sudah menguar-nguarkan mengenai Konsert Twin Towers @Live 2012 yang akan berlangsung di KLCC bagi menggantikan Konsert F1 Rocks. Girls’ Generation akan tampil membuat persembahan bersama-sama bekas ahli kumpulan The Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Scherzinger. Terus terang  katakan, kedua-dua Girls’ Generation dan Nicole masing-masing mempunyai rekod sebagai artis yang seksi.

Tak ketinggalan, artis malaysia seperti James Baum, Reshmonu, dan Faizal Tahir turut serta bagi memeriahkan konsert.
Tak perlu dilihat kepopularan mereka, datanglah ke KLCC pada 23 & 24 Mac ini kerana ada berita baik untuk anda, Konsert Twin Towers @Live 2012 di KLCC adalah PERCUMA!

p/s: kenapalah PETRONAS buang duit buat benda nie, baik guna untuk taja aku blaja kat UTP je...~

Update (March 20, 7PM): Yes, it is official: Twin Towers @Live 2012 will be taking place on March 23 and 24 at the Petronas Twin Towers KLCC with international acts Orianthi, Nicole Scherzinger, Kelis and Girls' Generation scheduled to perform.
While Orianthi herself confirmed her appearance via Twitter earlier today, event organiser Jojo Events issued a statement just minutes ago confirming that Pussycat Doll Nicole Scherzinger will be joined by "Milkshake"

mama Kelis and Korean girl group Girls' Generation.
The event - which is free to the public - will also feature Malaysian acts James Baum, Reshmonu, Faizal Tahir among others. The final schedule will be released tomorrow, stay tuned for our updates.
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Update (March 20, 4PM): With official word that F1 Rocks Malaysia will now be replaced with Twin Towers @Live 2012 this Friday and Saturday at the Petronas Twin Towers KLCC, it looks like Australian pop rocker Orianthi will be replacing Kylie Minogue's scheduled performance.
The rumour mill is also in a frenzy with reports that Nicole Scherzinger and Kelis are scheduled to perform this weekend, along with a yet-to-be-announced Korean pop group (word on the street is, it's Girls' Generation aka SNSD).
An official announcement from organisers Jojo Events has yet to be made, however Orianthi herself has tweeted the news to say she'll be performing in Malaysia this Friday.
Update (March 19, 4.30PM): While we are still scratching our heads over the "unforeseen circumstances" that have resulted in the cancellation of F1 Rocks, the Internet has been buzzing in reaction to the news.
An MSN reader called it, "...utterly ridiculous!!! Please stop giving Malaysians empty hopes and organizers please stop organizing concerts that you know will eventually be cancelled at the end of the day."
Another reader expressed frustration and sadness and demanded to know a solid reason for the cancellation.
In the meantime, unconfirmed reports also claim that Kylie Minogue was not paid by the organisers. We'll keep you posted as developments come along.
F1 Rocks will be replaced with Twin Towers @Live, a free event open to the public taking place March 23rd and 24th at the Petronas Twin Towers. Artiste line-up expected to be released tomorrow; we'll keep you updated as more info comes in.
The Star Online has reported that pop rocker Orianthi will replace Kylie Minogue at the @Live concert. Official announcement by organisers yet to be made. Stay tuned.
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